In july 2010 16 artists who had been working together in the group „Initiative Kunst an der Plakatwand“ (Initiative Art on Billboard) established the association PLAKAT WAND KUNST e.V. (Bill Board Art, registered organization).
The association continues the work of the artists´group which exists since 1995. The association´s work aims at the presentation of art in public spaces mainly by producing and putting up billboard sized original paintings (260 by 360 centimetres).

Beyond this the association wants to promote other, younger artists and to organize projects in most different locations in collaboration with national and international artists (first of all from the close neighbour France).

It is registered as a charity.

The association can be contacted at any time for questions, inquiries and ideas and is looking forward to productive cooperation.

The contents of this site are subject to german copyright. Their adaption, multiplication, distribution and any other kind of use need the consent of PLAKAT WAND KUNST e.V.. We are not responsible for the contents of external links.
The exhibitions usually last from four to six weeks.

The artist´s group PlakatWandKunst e.V. based in Karlsruhe currently consists of sixteen well known artists from the south of Germany. Their individual statements and cvs show that they are all experienced and well connected to the art world. For these particular billboard projects they work on the boards in their own studios. Each artist expresses his own point of view in relation to the location and its references. However, in addition to the artists´ individual responses and because of the format and structure of the exhibition there is also a unity and a group feeling to the show which when viewed as a whole makes some thought provoking statements. Each of the paintings is in three equal parts adding up to 2.6 by 3.6 metres. The wooden frames on which they are hung make it possible to transport them and to fit them into a wide variety of sites. Three completely contrasting places where the group has shown previously are in a spacious natural park in Oxford; along a densely packed and narrow townscape as in Baden-Baden or simply as an intervention into ancient walls as in Nördlingen. By using these methods the billboards act a real contribution to the spirit of the place.

The artists involved like to show some of their regular works in an accompanying exhibition and it is then possible for viewers to see how the extended format and the awareness of a direct contact with the public affect the way of their work. Compared to a usual gallery exhibition the paintings in open spaces are seen by much larger numbers and a great variety of people The artists are inspired by this as well as by the locations..

These shows have for the artists a resonance beyond any commercial intention and they hope that their excitement is communicated to the viewers.

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